The Competition is open to musicians who are at least 16 and not more than 40 years old the year the contest is held.

Yuri Bashmet VIII International Viola Competition «Viola Masters» in Moscow will take place at the time of celebration the Maestro’s Jubilee. Only laureates, finalists and/or special prize winners of worldwide viola competitions could apply for the upcoming Competition in 2018.

Applications must be sent before the 15 of December. Application procedure should be made through the official website of the contest:

The application must be accompanied with the following documents:

  1. passport (copy);
  2. paper on musical education (copy);
  3. creative curriculum vitae (CV);
  4. information, confirming that the musician is a laureate, finalist and/or special prize winner of worldwide viola competitions;
  5. Portrait photo HD-size in Jpg format for documents.
  6. Applications are filled in Russian, English or German language.

The Organizing Committee will notify applicants of the outcome of the documents’ review no later than 15 December 2017. All participants will get an official invitation letter indicating the date of arrival to the competition.

Registration fee is equivalent to the amount of 2 500 RUB for Russian citizens and for the CIS countries citizens; for foreign participants it is equivalent to 50 EUR.

Registration fee is to be paid no later than 24 January 2018 on Russian Concert Agency bank account. If the candidate refuses to participate in the competition, his documents and the registration fee are not returned. After registration and draw procedures any change in competition program of a participant are permitted only in exceptional cases with the consent of the jury.



Competition consists of four rounds: three qualifying and one final with orchestra. All auditions are carried out in public.

The works mentioned in paragraph 1A, 2A, as well as Concerto for Viola and Orchestra of W. Walton and B. Bartók (Item 4B) – should be performed by memory.

The sequence of appearance in the competition is determined by the draw and persists until the end of the contest.

Jury has the right to make decisions on the reduction of a program or termination of performing in the case of obvious results with the consent of all the members of the jury.

Not more than half of the participants are allowed to the second round of the competition.

Not more than half of the participants of the second round are allowed to the third round.

To the finale of the contest not more than six performers are allowed.

Participants at the third round, who did not pass to the final, receive diplomas for taking part in the third round.

The final distribution of places and prizes among the members of the final round will take place at the closing session of the jury.



The Organizing Committee provides Applicants with rehearsal classes and one rehearsal, lasting 15 minutes, before each round on the stage, which will host the audition.

Organizing Committee will provide the participants with illustrators and concertmasters for performing of works with piano and in the ensemble. Participants have the right to perform with their own accompanists and illustrators, which should be specified in their application.

If the participant performs works by Mozart in the authentic manner, he must notify the Organizing Committee of it in the application. Otherwise, the Organizing Committee can not guarantee  the availability of the right instruments to support (harpsichord or hammer piano) and illustrator.

In the FIRST round, all participants mandatory perform solo works for viola lasting 4-5 minutes. Music scores of mandatory  work works will be sent to the participants when obtaining their application, but not earlier than November 1, 2017.



The Organizing Committee reserves the right to broadcast all auditions and the final concert on the radio and television, as well as an exclusive right to the audio and video broadcasting of  programs and their distribution without any additional fee.

Participants, their accompanists and illustrators are provided with accommodation in the dormitory of the Moscow Conservatory (free – not more than one or illustrator or concertmaster for each participant) or a hotel (paid by participant) for the period of participation in the competition: from the arrival in Moscow, but not before the date indicated, and not more than a day after the last round, which was attended by the participant.

The participants who arrived at the competition and refused to perform, should bear all the costs of their stay in Moscow by themselves. Participants who did not pass the second, third or fourth round (and their accompanists) can stay until the end of the competition at their own expense.

The Organizing Committee will not provide the participant, his concertmaster or illustrator with any kind of insurance.

The Organizing Committee does not accept any liability with respect to accompanying persons of the performer.

The application, signed by those wishing to participate in the contest, is the evidence that the prospective participant fully accepts these conditions.